untag multiple files

Hello, I have been using DTPO for about a year now and I am very pleased with it. I am also beginning to dig deeper. I would like to correct some beginners mistakes by untagging multiple files with wrong or useless tags. How can I do that? It was mentionned in a post that it was possible, but I couldn’t find how.

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For safety, don’t do these steps until you have made a backup copy of your database (see Tools > Backup & Optimize and File > Export > Database Archive≥).

If you wish to eliminate a tag completely, navigate to the Tags group in your database and delete the subgroup that is the tag you want to delete. There will be documents listed inside each tag that you have used, but those are replicants and deleting the tag will not delete the original file. (But see the Caveat below.)

If you wish to eliminate a tag from some documents but keep the tag, just navigate to that tag’s subgroup in the Tags group and delete the documents that appear inside the tag.

Caveat: if you have mistakenly put documents inside a Tag group instead of using the tag bar to add tags, then deleting a tag subgroup from Tags will delete your original – and there may be no copies in the database. If you’re not certain, then navigate to any tag subgroup in Tags, select a document shown inside that tag, and use Data > Reveal, or its shortcut command-R. If Reveal shows you a document that’s not contained in a tag group, then you can safely delete that tag from your database.

I recommend going slowly when you’re trimming tags from your database and not emptying the Trash until you are comfortable that your pruning has the results you wanted.

Thank you for your prompt response, korm.

Indeed, I understand that I must be very careful.

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Assuming I am understanding Korm’s warning correctly, that is a terrifying UI choice. Reclassification should never remove a document. Also, how the tag was added should be irrelevant to subsequent behavior–a tag should be a tag, no matter how added.