Unused Databases

I have a question that I haven’t found an answer for using the forum search, and would appreciate any tips.

I worked on a project for a few months that recently finished. I have a database specific to this project in DTPO (2.5.2) that is 2GB in size. I no longer need the database to appear in the sidebar (even as a ‘recent database’). Some of the data may prove useful in the future, so I don’t wish to delete the database. Effectively I’d like to archive a database for possible future use, but as that may never happen I don’t actually need to see it in the sidebar. Is there a way for me to remove the database from the sidebar without deleting it? Will it eventually disappear from the sidebar if I don’t use it for a certain period of time?

Close the database by right-clicking on it in the Sidebar and selecting Close Database or selecting the database and choosing from the menu File>Close Database. Then you can clear the recent database menu by selecting the menu File>Open Recent>Clear Menu.

Thank you Greg. Very simple, once you know how!