Unused tags are still in the Tags search

On import many files were tagged with gibberish because I had ‘convert hashtag to tags’ turned on. Now I’m deleting the tags manually but the tags are still visible in the menu.

How do I get rid of these?
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By “menu”, you mean the “Tags group”? In that case, selecting and deleting them should do the trick. But you said that you’re “deleting the tags manually” – do you mean you delete them from the records? In that case, they’ll still be in the Tags group, as you’ve already noticed. Simply delete them there, and they’ll be gone from the documents as well.

Welcome @bryla

See the Getting Started > Tagging section of the built-in Help and manual and this blog post…

Thank you both! My problem was that DT didn’t allow me to delete many tags at once.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:
Were you trying to select and delete them in the item list or Navigate sidebar?

I was selecting the tags in the column on the right side of my screenshot earlier. I’m completely new to DevonThink so I don’t know the terminology but I guess that would be the item list.

Indeed, it is.
PS: As well as the Getting Started section of the manual, check out Help > Tutorials > Understand the UI. This covers often discussed terms about the interface.

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