Unwanted OCR & duplicate documents

With DTP Office 2.35 and ScanSnap Manger 3.2 (ScanSnap S1500M), I get OCR when I don’t want it. DTP insists on producing an OCR version of every scan it imports; this results in duplicate files and makes going paperless more work instead of less. I’ve confirmed that DEVONthink is performing OCR despite having the settings to do so turned off. I have screen shots of everything to confirm the settings.

I’ve created several ScanSnap profiles. Some include OCR and others don’t. I’ve deselected the “Convert to searchable PDF” for incoming scans in DTP. Yet it continues to produce a duplicate PDF + Text of every scan, regardless of whether the original scan was pure PDF or searchable PDF to begin with. In fact, DTP insists on conducting OCR on every scan I do – even when I scan to email or use ScanSnap to photocopy.

I’ve contacted DevonTech and followed their suggestions — all they can suggest is deselecting “Convert to searchable PDF” and trashing the DTP prefs file. I’ve done all this twice to no avail. I’ve emptied the DTP cache.

This is incredibly annoying because instead of simplifying my workflow, I now have duplicate documents to sort and trash. Can someone here help?