Unwanted Tags

I seem to have got hundreds of Tags that I do not want or need as they are all 0 numbered, see attachment which shows part of the tag group, so I have two questions:

  1. If they are the same what is the easiest/best way to delete them?

  2. As I do not use tags is there a way to prevent them being applied in the first place?

(Perhaps incidentally I have three databases two of which have this problem the third is a very small database).

Many thanks.
fig 1.jpeg

Go into the tag group, sort it by size, and all the empty tags will be together in the list. Select them all and delete them.

I suspect that you had, perhaps still have, RSS feeds set to convert categories to tags. Look at this preference in the Preferences>RSS tab and ensure that this option is unchecked.

Thanks Greg, now deleted 6773 tags! You were absolutely correct with your diagnoses and I have unchecked the box you suggested. :smiley:
As a supplementary is it safe to delete tags that are still showing with numbers or will tat delete the item that is tagged?

It is safe to do that as long as the documents are also located somewhere else in the database. I’ve seen a few people over the years post here that they file the documents directly in the tags, so in those (rare) cases the document would be deleted if the tag was deleted.

Thanks again. :slight_smile: