Up dating a data base

How do I up date an indexed data base and also a regular data base? Do they up date automatically or do I have to up date them myself? Using Devonthink Pro Office.

File > Update Indexed Items

This should have no effect or relationship to a non-indexed database.

So, does any Devon data base, say from an external disk, updates automatically as the external disk gets more data?

No. Not at all. Index updates are only manual. Beside the method Jim mentioned, a script can be attached to an indexed group to update it — but you have to manually click the group to cause the update.

Thanks for the assist, korm. :smiley:

As korm noted, the script is manually triggered by you (In the Extras > Scripts folder that comes with in the installation disk image you should find a Triggered folder with the Synchronize script.) . Remember, this is a database, not a live view of your filesystem. We don’t want to have the database just start grabbing things, so you can maintain control of what does and doesn’t go into it.