Upcoming features

Since we are now paying a monthly subscription for DTTG, can we get a little more transparency on upcoming features from the developers?

Devontech normally does not reveal the work in progress or provide any sort of roadmap, but I think expections are different now with the subscription.

I am happy with DTTG3 for the most part but there are many features that I was hopeful for with the new release such as improvements to the text editor, wiki links, reading list, etc. It would be nice to know if these features can be expected in the near future and if they are even on the radar.


For some definition of “we” – I opted for the pay once option. And I’m still against this double bind of marketing (“hey, we’re doing this and that … eventually”) and pestering developers (“hey, you promised to deliver this or that … where is it?”).

They are listening here, they decide what they find more important/useful and (perhaps) easier to implement, and then they do that. And hopefully they take their time doing it without being pressured into rushing out half-baked features.

Not to mention that “we” does not even exist as a common denominator of DT users. There are those who are looking for a video/audio player, those needing a photo management tool (without using metadata, no less), those who absolutely need an advanced MD editor, those who want JavaScript support up to par with AppleScript (frankly the most important thing in my mind, especially on i*OS) and so on and so forth. I’m sure the DT people have a long list of these things and they have to prioritize it. So let’s them do it.

The other kind of development process is over at GitHub. Not necessarily better or worse, just different.


Welcome @rmipass

I can’t comment on any planned “extra transparency” but generally we don’t publish roadmaps, etc. as development is too dynamic an environment. Especially as Apple continues to thunder forward with OS releases (often to many a developer’s chagrin) , prioritization of features can be a changing landscape for us.
There are also things we are researching that may or may not pan out for a release and we’d rather not get peoples’ hopes up or be misinterpreted as “promising” things (and oh yes, that certainly has happened in the past!).

I hope that makes sense.

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