(upcoming) tagging and group structure


looking at the various remarks on the upcoming tagging implementation I am confused. I wonder if any group structure (e.g. position of an entry/file/etc. in a folder) will become a tag in DTP. Trying the suggestion in the blog out (creating a group “tags” at root level and then add to this: e.g. Tags/
nürnberg/living conditions/housing/sources/etc.
ravensbrück/living conditions/housing/sources/etc.
haselhorst… )

I find the idea of having to manually replicate entries into a tagging-folder/group structure EXTREMELY cumbersome and impractical at best.

Could anybody knowledgeable shed a bit more light on this?

Related to this: since indexing of items residing in Finder, which can be easily tagged with the openmeta-system at least reading from (if not writing) to (openmeta-)xattr should be supported.



You won’t have to do this on your own.

OpenMeta will be supported while im/exporting.

Many thanks for the speey reply. I am VERY greatful for the good news that openmeta will be supported. That way it is possible to get an additional layer of information and primarily keep only the notes and connections I make between information within DTP.

One thing remains a mystery still: what do you mean by “you will not have to do this alone”? Some kind of automatic tag-creation? What about manual control (the very essence of tagging in my experience and practise…)

So further information to even more make our – virtual – mouths drool…

(PS: got locked out of forum while trying to reply…)


You will be able to add/rename/edit them on your own, there will be autocompletion and DEVONthink/note will create additional tags if necessary. And you won’t have to deal with dialogs to set up your tags.

droool in antttticcippation…