Update Captured Archive NOT working

Hi… There is a Forum that I Log Into regularly and subscribe to, and I’m trying to update the captured Web Archive after there have been additional comments made to the forum, however it doesn’t work for some reason. I click on the gear icon in the preview pane, then Update Captured Archive.

I can see the Web Archive file has been modified, but it does not reflect any changes since the original web archive file.

Also the URL path in DT3 matches exactly the path exactly as I see it at the forum page in my web browser, so not sure what is going on here

Is someone able to help me with this ?

Does this forum require JavaScript? In case of dynamic web pages web archives are unfortunately not really reliable.

I have turned off Javascript in DT3 to check, and the forum is working fine. Still though the web archive is not updating. So generally speaking will the web archive update work on any web page that doesn’t require JavaScript?

It should but that’s hard to tell without an example file or URL. For long time archiving we definitely recommend a different file format as web archives are limited to Apple platforms and not always reliable.

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ok I will try a different format instead of web archive, thanks for the recommendation.

As far as I can tell however there is no option to “Update Captured Archive” for other formats correct ?

What exactly are you trying to achieve?

  • If you want to archive (i.e. capture the state of a web document at a certain point in time), PDF might be your best choice.
  • If you want to mirror, i.e. always reflect the current state of a web document, a simple bookmark would be the best choice.

I don’t quite understand why you’d want to have both: an archive and the current state.

I am subscribed to a Forum website containing multiple topics, which is going to shut down in the near future. So I am wanting to capture as many topics in the forum as I can so that I have a local copy after the forum ceases to exist.

A bookmark in this instance would not help me.

In that case, I’d suggest using a tool like wget to simply mirror the complete site regularly. When it’s gone (the site), you can convert the local version to web archives or whatever you like

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Thanks… I would love to have used wget, however the forum Hosting Provider does not allow such tools, and will terminate access permanently if I am detected using it

One other thing related to this thread… When I have captured a Web Archive, note or anything else, and capture the next page in the forum, because the title is the same, the filename in Finder is modified with incremental numbers:

However in DT3 it does not:

I’d say this is a bug? If so how do I report this ?

The filesystem doesn’t support items with the same name in a folder, DEVONthink does. And in this case the web page’s title is used to name the item.

ok then. Is “Update Indexed Items” supposed to update DT3 to reflect the filesystem name?

No, only the search index & metadata are updated if necessary.