Update captured page

I have a page captured from my web site.

I modified the online version and then used the contextual menu to update the captured page.

At the top of the page there was some page loading info briefly displayed but the captured page didn’t change.

Had to delete the page and start over. ???

See Christian’s response about that in Update Captured Page?

An awkward way I’ve found to recapture a page “in place” (without creating a new copy then deleting the original), if it contains links, is to browse to a new page, run Update Captured Page, return to the original page, then run Update Captured Page again. [Hmm, seems to be some trouble doing that with your post when testing it in DTPro 1.9.1a24.  Yep, can’t navigate to that post after navigating to any others.  Weird.]

Anyone know if there’s a one-step way of doing that?

There was a bug in v1.8.1b but using the current build of DT Pro, I’ve just captured this page, posted this replay, updated the captured page and everything worked as expected.

Use the "Reload" button to switch from a captured page to the current online version which can be used afterwards to update the already captured page.

Hmm, I can’t get Reload (in a25) to reload captured pages.  For example, yesterday I captured Microsoft says Longhorn to ship in 2006 without WinFS.  Reloading that updated page today has no effect.  Tried with some captured Apple pages; reloading them doesn’t change the content.  All I see is a brief flash of the reload button and about the first ten characters of the URL.

Reloading URL link pages works as expected.

You’re right - I’ve noticed this too after writing the above posting :slight_smile: Will be probably fixed in the next build.

Thanks!  That’ll make synchronizing database items with the net much easier. :slight_smile: