Update captured web page?


I’ve captured a lot of wikipedia html pages. I’ve also since changed my wikipedia preferences to use a different style sheet. When updating these pages, does DT redownload the page? I would guess that the updated page would use the new preferences with a newer style sheet.


Updating pages you’ve previous captured?

Look for Reload and Update Captured Page under the context menu of a captured document. Right- or Control-Click somewhere on a non-active part of the document content, e.g. not on a link. I don’t think those commands are available under any other menus or with keyboard shortcuts.

Reload will download a current copy of the document from its URL. Update Captured Page will save that copy, overwriting the older one. I suggested a Reload and Update Captured Page command awhile ago, combining the other two into one, for more easily refreshing local copies of saved documents.


thanks. I found it. I agree with you that refresh and update could be combined to make it clearer.


Yes, as long as I still have the ability to reload the page and examine the current contents, without having overwritten the original page.

On some sites, the current page with that URL may have entirely different content and I may wish to keep the older one instead of the new page.

I understand your point, Bill. My suggestion was for a combined command in addition to, not as a replacement for, the separate ones. Bonus points if the combined command was undoable, i.e. reverting documents to previously saved versions, but that might be asking too much. Duplicating the current version before a reload+update is acceptable. And using the separate commands would still be preferable in some cases.