Update DTP 2.9.8

After the last update ( 2.9.8 ) I found some unusual behaviors:

  1. I noticed that when I select a file in my database the title on the window has the follow format (for a pdf file): file type icon > database name > document name > [page size, zoom%]. These last elements are a newity?

  2. In the main window, if I select a pdf file to see a preview (for example in a three pane view) and zoom in the page I noticed this behaviour:

  • no horizontal scroll in a zoomed in page - it’s necessary to change “Automatically Resize” to “actual size”, zoom in again, horizontal scroll, change again to “Automatically Resize” and finally the horizontal scroll is enabled… (if I leave the file in the “Automatically Resize” activated - default - when I return to document no horizontal scroll again)

This are my first impressions. Anyone found this problems?

(1) I see. Don’t know if it’s new, but it’s nice.
(2) Cannot reproduce

No, all 2.x versions use such a title.

This should be handled by macOS - do you use Sierra?

(1) I’ve been distracted…

(2) I’m using 10.12.1 version…
Note that if I have by default “automatically resize”, every time I open a new pdf file (preview on main window, not a new window) and zoom in the file, only works the vertical scroll.
With the “automatically resize” enable when you leave the file (or enable by default), when back again I noticed this behavior.