Update Dt's plugin:Cilp Image to Dt Function (For save any image to Dt and add the related webpage Url)

I think the Dt import Image is not good, because its a litte simple.

What’s the problem for me?
Because I want to drag the image which is in webpage with Chrome into Dt With some key contents like:the webpage title , the url .
But I can’t do this operation quickly.

Then what do I want to?
Like Eagle(https://en.eagle.cool/extensions) , you can see this website and you can see how to import image so quickly with this app’s chrome plugin(also save the title , the url).
it’s so convenient , I hope Dt can do this operation convenient too.

I love Dt.

At least in case of Safari the URL of the webpage is added to the image (as DEVONthink uses the data provided by the source application during drag & drop).

sorry, it’s work if I drag it to the sorter with the view of database.
but one question is that if I use Capture image with selection?
how to input the url? I only can input the name, the image but no url (I must open the dt, select the image, then input the url at the right plane Generic)

How exactly do you import your image? A screenshot would be useful.