Update Erased Plugins

After updating to the latest DevoAgent version, it cleared all my custom plugins and searchsets. Is there any way to recover them?

  • Do you have current local backups?
  • Also what version of DEVONagent and macOS are you using?

No Timemachine and no backups of DevonAgent scripts folder.

Running Mac 11.1 and DevonAgent 3.11.4

Which version did you use before updating to the latest version? The update shouldn’t affect plugins & search sets actually.

I was on Catalina latest version and the DevonAgent prior to 3.11.4.

Do you remember the name/path of the plugins?

I used the “Show in Finder” button to create my own folders of plugins. It may be the same location as in the current version of DA…

Did you store your plug-ins inside the application bundle? This is not supported (by no app), can also break the code signature and make the app unusable. In addition, each update will erase your changes. Plugins should be stored in ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONagent/Plugins (like the ones created by DEVONagent on its own via Window > Plug-ins)

Whoops, I guess I did store them in the application bundle.