Update & Full Screen Lion

Hey guys,

I just want to say thank you for the awesome update! :slight_smile: I just got it and I’m eager to try out the features. :slight_smile:

I still don’t see the “Lion full screen” icon on the top right of the bar, but maybe it’s in another area?

Other than that, just want to say thanks to you guys for such awesome software. Using it more and more every day. :slight_smile:

thank you for the nice feedback! DEVONthink does not yet support Lion’s fullscreen mode, version 2.2.1 is only more compatible to other applications using this mode. However, this will be added to an upcoming release.

DEVONNotes 2.3 still does not quite have full-screen mode with multiple desktops correct, I am afraid. Here is the scenario: I open DN, and click the double-arrow in the upper right corner of the window. Yes, it opens a new desktop with DN in full-screen, but then as soon as I try to do anything in the window, it returns it to the original desktop, where Finder, for example resided. The DevonNote menubar is present, but it will accept no keystrokes. If I return to the desktop it went to, it will appear there, but when I go there, it reverts back to the first desktop.

Quite annoying. I think we need 2.3.01 soon.

What exactly did you do? I’ve just noticed that the action menu is causing exceptions in Lion’s full screen mode, the upcoming version 2.3.1 will fix this. In the meantime just use the contextual menu.

Exactly? OK, I will try: I currently have 6 Desktops open (plus the thing to their left with the gadgets, or whatever). Finder is normal sized in #1, Mail, Safari, iPhoto, iTunes are full sized in the next 4, while VirtualBox is in the right-most one. I will bring up Devon (which I just closed normal-sized in #1) from this one, #3. It activates along-side Finder in #1. I will now make it full-sized. It shifted the others down to the right, and momentarily, took over as the new #2. When I tried to go back to this, I traversed through DN, which then moved down to #1, quasi-normal, as Finder is “behind” it. Showing all the desktops, the little shell icon is all by itself in #3, Safari is #2, and the original 3-6 are now 4-7. 3-finder sliding has moved the shell to #2, whilst DN is still in #1, with the menu showing, and no full-screen double-headed arrow available, although it takes up the remainder of the window. I cannot move Finder, nor DN to any other desktop, and the menu items are no longer accessible.

It just gets worse from here. In the fleeting moment when I can access it in its full screen desktop (I swear it keeps moving around), I then can Quit it, and things will be better next time I bring it up.

It came back up in #1, along with Finder, I have the full screen arrow available, but will not use it. Odd, and difficult to follow, I know. It just does not seem consistent. (As a programmer since the Earth cooled, I hate inconsistent behavior!)

There is also a quirk with creating a link with Safari and moving it to another folder. The contents of the “drop-down” are not accessible when I try, but they show up on all the other desktops, and do not go away until I quite DN.

But, I love it anyway! See my recent posts, just a couple little things from my point of view.