Update Indexed Items sometimes doesn't do anything

  • Changed books?

  • How many books are you adding?

Let’s not talk about the content of the folder and how I manage it, please.

The problem in DEVONthink seems to be that a directory which is indexed doesn’t seem to update properly when it is recreated (i.e. briefly deleted and then created again).

Any input from the devs, @cgrunenberg?

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Does it work using a folder outside of Dropbox?

Will check.

Tell me more please about Parallels and indexed folders -is this a problem?


Short answer: I don’t know (I was guessing based in some problems I have with one of my machines).

Long answer: I have:

  1. iMac 2017, custom fusion drive 1 GB + 1 GB, 24 GB Ram
  2. MacBook Pro mid 2012, SSD 512GB, 8 GB RAM
  3. MacBook Pro 2017, SSD 512GB, 16GB RAM


  • Multiple databases, some with indexed PDFs only,
  • Indexed folders are in Dropbox folders, configured to Local only.
  • Multiple sync databases to try to avoid my issue: one sync has Inbox only, other non-indexed databases, other indexed items with indexed files, and other without. But this mix came from my try to resolve my issue.

In 2 and 3, DT works perfect. In 1, it has some issues:

  • Not updating some indexed folders
  • Once a file changes in an indexed folder, a chain of duplicated files starts after synchronizing with 3. Sometimes one PDF duplicates 2 and 3 times until I’m able to stop the chain of duplications.

What are the differences between 1 and 2 and 3?

  • 1 Has fusion drive
  • 1 Has Parallels installed
  • No other differences, as they have the same software installed.

I’m still testing things, but a logical Occam razor tells me that the combination of Parallels drivers, plus fusion drive drivers plus dropbox drivers makes my thing fail. So and then I’m still making some tests, but as I cannot remove Parallels from my main iMAC, and reinstalling macOS without fusions drive is a pain in the ass (mostly because then I need to set some hard links form the SSD disk into the mechanical one, and perhaps that solution is even worse than the current one), well, I’m too old to experiment and I prefer waste my time in other stuff.

(I have been with @cgrunenberg a couple of weeks trying to find the problem testing debug builds, without finding it).

Same problem as in Dropbox: When I recreate the Folder DEVONthink doesn’t update it properly.

Now I try just to recreate the content of the Folder, but keep the folder. This seems to work!