Update loses Image Capture MX922 settings info

When I updated to DEVONthink 2.11.2 recently, it appears that parts of the device-specific settings in Image Capture for my Canon MX922 were lost. In the attached screen capture, you’ll see that the selectors for From, Kind, Resolution, and Size, all display Item 1 instead of the appropriate item text for each selector.

The settings for my other printer, a Brother DCP-7040, were not affected.

Do you see the same behavior in Apple’s Image Capture software?

If the scanner is working in Image Capture try the following.

If you press the cog button next to the Save button, it should show a menu of options. If one of the options is Connect , select that option.

If that does not work, please raise a support ticket and attach the console.log file. This can be found by:

  • In Finder, select the menu Go->Go to Folder, copy and paste the line below and press Go.
    ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2
  • The console.log file can be found in this folder.