Update on iPad multiple crashes, files not readable

Sync seemed to work the first time after today’s update (and iPad is finding the MacBook Pro again), but I notice that larger Rich Text files (about 400 KB or more) don’t open when I click on them - that is, they wait a while, then seem to open, but I see no text - and this is followed by DTTG crashing and shutting down.
I had one Rich Text file that was admittedly large (2.5 MB), so I have split it into four smaller files, and it appears to sync but when I open any of the four smaller files I see no text.
It waits a while, then crashes.
Is this a bug in the update, and is it being reported by others?
Rich Text files of 20 KB or whatever open and are readable.
However, in the same database, I have a PDF that is well over 2 MB, and it opens fine and is readable, etc.
Most odd.

It can be useful for Support to have a copy of the document that’s seeming to cause problems. I suggest you open a ticket, and include a copy of the large file.

It’s several, unfortunately. I’ll send one.

I support korm’s suggestion as here a 5mb sized .doc and several .rtf documents up to 15mb large get synced and opened fine. (iPhone5, iOS 7.0.3, DtTG 1.4, OS 10.9, DtPO 2.7.1)

Same here, after update DTTG crashes. For the time being I can’t say why and when. But this happens on two iPads with IOS 7.03 and different DBs. It is unusable, sorry.

When exactly does it crash Raed23? Did you submit the crash reports when asked to do so? We received quite a few, but all pointing to one bug. A 1.4.1 is already waiting for submission here.

I received a reply blaming the RTF editor.
That is unsatisfactory. DTTG once worked fine, synced with the MacBook and let me open and read RTF files of well over 2 MB.
Now, it will only show much smaller files, with the larger ones not being displayed and causing multiple crashes.
My only solution, it seems, would be to split larger files into hundreds of small ones, hardly progress, hardly leaving the world of paper and piles of the stuff lying around the office.
Sifting through endless small RTF files on an iPad is not conducive to getting things done in a simple, streamlined way.
Perhaps this update has been rushed out too fast, but more worrying is the response, which we call passing the buck.
This redefines “update” for me.

@eboehnisch – Yes, I sent several crash reports as requested. As I wrote before, I can’t say exactly why and when. Tomorrow I will spend some time for testing.