Update on the App Store?

I purchased DSE on the App Store. My version is 1.5. No update available there.
I find that on your website the latest version is 1.6.1.
Why is that version not on the App Store? When will it be available there?
Can I switch to the version downloadable on your website without having to pay again?

The MAS usually takes weeks and even a month before the approval process gives the final go ahead to offer it in the store. It’s like that for all software, which is why users usually find a new version appearing on the developer’s website first, assuming they sell a non MAS version. Nothing you can do about the delay.

That means that there is still hope.
Okay, let’s wait and see.
Thanks anyway for your reply.

I don’t know with sandboxing issues if they are even updating the MAS version any more? If you have the MAS version, you can update it using the download of 1.6.1 from the DEVON Web site. I think you will find al the info you need to do this in the convert back from App Store version thread.

DEVONsphere Express 1.6 was released in October.

I know that per the blog you can run the version from devontechnologies.com using your Mac App Store receipt (which is excellent service). I would, however, like to know whether the Mac App Store has been abandoned as a distribution site.

Right now it’s unfortunately not possible to update the version in the Mac App Store as sandboxing is required but sandboxed applications are too restricted. Without sandboxing only bug fixes are accepted by Apple but version 1.6.x included new features.

However, version 1.5 should be working fine and if it shouldn’t work any longer, then we might try to submit a bug fix to Apple.