Update to DT_Database ID RO.app?

Some time back, I received a link from DT tech support to download a little helper app to identify the obscurely named synchronization database file on the Dropbox server that is associated with a specific DevonThink database on the desktop.

This allowed me to manage the Dropbox DevonThink directory properly, especially for deleting the correct database file when I needed to start fresh with a finicky (or hopelessly stuck) synch file.

My current copy of the DT_Database ID RO.app is not working with OSX 10.9.4 and DTPO 2.7.6 as it appears not to execute at all.

Has this app been updated or replaced?

Thanks for your help.

I haven’t looked at it on 10.9.x (and I’m on my 10.8.x machine right now) but this simple line in Applescript Editor does the same thing

tell application id "DNtp" to get uuid of current database