Update to iPadOS 15.3 - any issues?

Call me a luddite but I’ve been on 14.8.1 for the longest time, somehow remembering there was a warning to wait a while before going in with the new OS. Similarly on the iPhone.

Is there any reason (as far as DTTG concerns, though I’d be happy to hear other views/impacts/recommendations) why I shouldn’t now upgrade to the next OS? Actually I am perfectly happy where I am since 14.8 is very stable, but my employer’s Outlook keeps hounding me about upgrading…).

Thanks folks!

Luddite :wink::stuck_out_tongue:

At this point, I’d say iOS 15.x is working just fine. I don’t see a reason to not upgrade.

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Not related to DT: Don’t get your hopes up too much concerning Shortcuts. They’re not (yet?) the brilliant tool Apple’s marketing paints it as.

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