update to osx 10.7.3 breaks DTPRO 2.3.2 mail import

Just updated using Apple’s Software Update - am getting error message after installation:

“Incompatbile plugins disabled. Mail has disabled the following plugins: OmniMailManageServiceEnabler, Devonthink Mail Import Support. Contact makers for versions compatible with Mail 5.2 and Message 5.2”

Anything I can do? Or wait for DTPR update?

By the way, for Omnifocus I see that there is a fix (see below). Is there any equivalent fix for DTPRO, i.e. involving re-installing the mail import plugin?


Omnifocus fix:
Starting in 10.6, Mail.app will refuse to use plugins that don’t specifically state that they work with the version of Mail that’s installed on your machine.

In short, every maintenance release of Mail now means that you’ll need to download a new version of OmniFocus on each of your Macs and install the Clip-o-tron from that updated release.

You’ll know you need to do this when you’ll see a message that reads “OmniMailMessageEnabler could not be verified”.

If you’ve seen that message, please head over to the OmniFocus page. Download the most recent build you find there, then do the following:
Quit (but do not delete!) any running copies of OmniFocus on your Mac.
Quit Mail.
Double-click the .dmg file you downloaded.
Locate and open the squarish white icon on your desktop named “OmniFocus”.
Launch the copy of OmniFocus you find on the mounted disk image.
Open Clipping Preferences and press the button in the bottom right to install the clip-o-tron.
Quit the running copy of OmniFocus. Drag the square white icon to the trash.
Launch Mail and your previous copy of OmniFocus. You should no longer recieve the error message you were getting before.
To test that the clipping shortcut has been properly installed, select some text in Mail, then Control- (or Right-) click the selection.
If “Send to OmniFocus” appears at the bottom of the context menu, the update succeeded.

This happens every time the OS is updated. Remove the old mail import plug-in and re-install.

Don’t know who provided the above advice, but OmniFocus works the same-just remove the clip-o-tron via the OmniFocus preferences and reinstall.

Super - thanks Greg, that worked a charm. In fact, I just hit “Install Add-ons” and DTPRO did the rest.

Omnifocus advice is a sticky on their support forum :slight_smile: