Update to version 3.9.2

Where in version 3.9.1 is the update function—I’ve lost it!
(p.s. tried to update via download and it lost a lot of my bookmarks)

It’s at DEVONagent Pro > Check for Updates

However it’s not working for v3.9.1

OTOH, installing a downloaded copy of 3.9.2 on top of your existing 3.9.1 should not overwrite your bookmarks and settings – unless perhaps you let Hazel erase files when an upgrade happens – as it sometimes can be configured to do.

Open a Ticket with Support for help recovering.

Thanks for prompt reply. I have recovered my bookmarks by using Time Machine to overwrite 3.9.2.with my old 3.9.1. and exported the bookmarks for a backup. In Hazel I have set under the Trash tab Enable sweep, (see attachment) is this what you mean by “let Hazel erase files”? If it is I will alter thee settings and try again before submitting a support ticket. Regards.

An update on this. I switched off all Trash preferences in Hazel and tried again—still no joy but I think I have worked out what is happening; it seems that version 3.9.2 is picking up not my version 3.9.1. bookmarks but my old Safari bookmarks. I no longer use Safari and they are way out of date.

I have just gone into bookmark preferences in the new version and changed the selection to DEVONagent instead of Safari and all is now well.

Thanks for help on this.

I’ve just installed this update on my Mac running Yosemite 10.10.4 and its crashed three times, all under different circumstances. The crash reports have been sent through, but I’m suspicious that this release hasn’t been fully tested properly, so would advise against installing this release until it’s more stable.

Have you rebooted your machine?