[updated] How to search for all files NOT tagged with a particular tag

Hi All,

I just want to see all files with the exception of those, tagged by a particular tag.

There are many files with many different tags within a group.

I want to see all files but not those tagged with ‚beleg‘

I tried „* NOT tags:beleg“ → no results
I tried „NOT tags:beleg“ → no results

I need something like a ‚!tags:beleg‘ as we know from the Mac version.

Any hint?

Thank you in advance.


hmm, I cloud add a tag to the Group, e. g. ‘XXX’, the tag is then inherited to all files and subgroups, then i could do a search “tags:XXX NOT tags:beleg”.

Maybe I give this a try if the pain is strong enough - still no other hints or do I miss something?

I’d be interested in this as well.