Updated to latest public beta and lost three days work...

I don’t know what happened but when I ran the download and install from DTPO to get the latest update, upon reopening my default database I see that none of the changes I have made over the last three days are in the new database. I’ve looked in time machine and that only shows a three day old database, the backups in DTPO only show a three day old database. I wish I knew wtf was going on. I’ve now got to spend hours trying to find the ‘lost’ files on my HD, and get the database back to where it was before downloading the ‘update’ :frowning:

And now I can’t get it to empty the trash without crashing. FFS! I’m beginning to think that there’s a serious problem with this app.

Don’t know what happened, and I had no such experience. Is it possible that you made a copy of a database three days earlier, and/or renamed the database three days earlier? If you have been hooked up to Time Machine, there should be a current backup of the database you were using for the past three days.

As always, it’s a good idea to backup before an update, or any time after one has invested substantial time and effort to make changes in a database. In such cases, I never want to wait for a scheduled backup.

At a minimum, to prepare for an application update or to backup significant work on a database, run Tools > Verify & Repair, followed by Backup & Optimize with manual commands.

Better yet, especially at a convenient break time (make coffee, have lunch, whatever), invoke Scripts > Export > Backup Archive. That will verify and optimize the database and produce current internal and external backups. Although I use Time Machine, I also collect current archive files to DVD-R discs for offsite storage. So even if my Time Machine backup disk fails or my house burns down, I don’t lose my important data.

End of my “belt & suspenders” backup sermon. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I can’t empty the trash, even after removing the update and going back to the previous version, restarting, turning off and back on again, moving all the trash items out and starting with only a few items, after the third lot, only about 260 items the app crashed again.

I’m giving up on DTPO and going back to Finder. It’s only been two years getting to this point, but at least I won’t be frustrated by Finder updating and losing three days work, or finding I can’t empty the trash without the app crashing.

Bye 'bye.

Even so, we’d like to know what happened. Please send a crash report to Support, with a description noting that the crash occurred when attempting to empty the database trash.