Updater doesn't see DT 2.11.3 update

Hello friends, I am running DT Pro Office 2.11.2. I found out somewhat by accident on the web that 2.11.3 had be released some time ago. But when I do a “Check for Updates…” it tells me that my software is up to date. I know its not (for one thing, the release notes online for 2.11.3 are different from from my version). Any idea why this might be? I thought of just downloading a 2.11.3 from DevonTech, but for some reason they don’t offer download links for 2.x anymore… all I can see is the version 3 beta, which I don’t want to try. Any ideas?

The old version is still available on our website:

Thanks! I had remembered that page from years past, but there doesn’t seem to be a link to it on the current website that I could find.

FYI… on the Downloads page:

I’m blind as a bat. thanks

No worries! :slight_smile: