Updates and Optional Items

I’d like to know what items like scripts, plug-ins, OCR engine, etc., are also updated at the same time the DTPO application is updated.

The dialog with its default checked checkboxes offers to install most all optional items. In my previous DTPO setup I did not actively use all these options. However I do want to keep most of them current if I do decide to install them later.

The way the update works now, I need to install all the default checked optional items to make sure they are current, then uninstall those I choose not be active. Scripts are the most difficult to weed-out this way with every update. And, most of them have not changed.

Wish you could read some recent related discussion I had with Christian about Install Add-Ons… on the beta subforum. With his permission I could repost it here.

You can install them anytime via “Install Add-Ons…” in the application menu. Therefore the easiest approach is to enable only the currently desired components and to install them. DEVONthink remembers these settings since v2.0.9.

That helps keeping current except for the all-or-nothing approach of Application and DTPO scripts. They are the ones needing the most effort with each update to uninstall those I choose not be active.

Reposting from the beta forum:

The current state for each add-on, and the ability to install, reinstall, and possibly even uninstall, could be treated independently.

How about making a simple Release Notes or Read Me document available listing the items revised or added and those not changed?

You might find “Release Notes” in the Help menu useful.

Release Notes always helpful, but not for scripts. One script mentioned as improved so all get installed. Then in my case, the weed-out process repeats.

I’d like the option to download the group and then only install the new or revised ones.