Updating an Imported Group of Contacts

I have imported from Contacts.app a group of contacts. At the time when the import took place the group consists of three person. Now I have added in Contacts.app a few more person to that group. But the new contacts did not appear in the respective group in DT3. I have performed »update objects« from the File menu. But nothing happens.

What am I doing wrong?

I’d suppose that “import” does what it says: It copies the data from the Contacts app into DT. Like when you “import” a can of soup from another country: If the company changes its recipe, the contents of your can will not change.

What you seem to be after is indexing, but that’s only available for files and folders, not for contact data. I guess you have to reimport your group.

Perhaps that can be scripted. I found a script to save contacts as .vcfs here. It might be possible to use DT’s import method to import them. You’d have to try that.

But in the end, it might be easier to re-import the whole group into DT with “File/Import…”

Enlightening. Thank you.