Updating captured archives in DT Pro

I’ve been enjoying putting DT through its paces and seeing what it can do for me. I do have one question left, which is perhaps obvious and maybe I’m missing something, but…

When I archive a web site, is there any way to smart-update that archive, and download only NEW or changed content that has appeared since I archived it?

For instance, I archive a site, a little later it adds 5 pages, I would like to update that archive, to just download the 5 new pages since I took the snapshot.

Is there any way to do that?



I’d like that capability at times, though there’d need to be enough smarts to decide whether certain page changes were desirable since dynamic content is sometimes just noise like unwanted ads. I’ve half-noticed a few apps that can check for changed web pages though I have no clue how well they work or if they could somehow store content updates in DEVONthink in a useful way.

I don’t know if this is the right answer or not but I just option-clicked on an archive and it gave me the option to Update Captured Archive.

Just display the web archive (in its own window or in split/3-pane views), then press the small reload button to the left of the URL. After reloading the page, right- or control-click on the page and choose “Update Captured Archive”.

No. The only possibility would be to use a script downloading all selected web archives again but that’s not exactly what you want.

Sorry - I clicked “Edit” instead of “Quote” accidently :confused: