Updating DTPO and new add-ons

I just updated DEVONthink Pro Office to the latest version (2.0.6), and I’m prompted to install the various add-ons again. Or at least, some boxes are pre-checked. So I install them. This causes a flurry of activity, as Firefox, Safari, Apple mail & co. are launched.

That’s OK, but I was just wondering, do I have to install everything? After updating, are the pre-checked items in the “install” dialog the ones I should install (ie, new versions)? Or is it just inviting me to install the add-ons all over again?

Hope this makes sense. Thanks.


Some are, some aren’t.

It’s inviting confusion like this. :wink:

In some cases (e.g. for ABBYY FineReader OCR) the checkbox can be an indicator that installation has already occurred and needn’t be done again. In others (e.g. Safari 5 Extension) it’ll be checked even though installation has already occurred and and update is unnecessary.

Completely. I’ve mentioned my opinion about it a few times.

If this Install Add-Ons checkbox “logic” bothers you please let Dtech know; maybe they’ll eventually make it clearer.

In any case, I suggest that if the panel for Install Add-ons pops up, click on Install.

That will ensure that anything that has been updated will be installed.

One might ask why the Mail plugin for DT Pro Office is always checked. But this is perhaps as simple a way as any, to make sure it can be replaced after an OS X update and the plugin has been rejected when Mail is first launched. Yes, there’s a flurry of activity when Install Add-ons is again run, but the user doesn’t have to diagnose the situation and make check/uncheck decisions.

Same with at least “Safari 5 Extension” and “Firefox Extension”.

I thoughtfully make those decisions every time its run, e.g. to uncheck “DEVONthink Sorter Helper”.

Good luck convincing me that some checkboxes being used to determine (un)installed status (e.g. ABBYY FineReader OCR) is intuitive and not confusing :slight_smile: