Updating Files within Replicated Groups

A friend shares research with me in the form of a folders and files on a flash drive. I’ve imported this into a group in DT3 and manually replicated them into my groups, so his information was accessible within my information.

However, he now has an updated “version” of these files, and I’d like to find the best/easiest way of updating them so I don’t have to manually go through and create replicant groups again.

Anyone doing something similar?

The easiest solution would be probably not to import the files/folders but to copy them to your computer and to index them afterwards. After receiving updated files/folders you could simply replace the ones in the Finder.

In the indexed location, if I replaced a replicated folder with a folder of the same name, would the replication be maintained, or would it break?

Did a little test to check the functionality of this and, yes, DT3 will maintain the folders if they’re the same name. So, this seems like the best solution, thus far.