updating imported word documents?

This is probably a stupid question, but I was unable to find information in the user forums.

Because I am old-school and still use MS Word as a word processor, I tend to import word files into DT. Since I continue working on the word files, I would like DT to “update” the word files in the database, so that all my work is searchable.

Is there a way to do this, automatically or manually, without having to delete all the files from the database and then reimporting them?


Sorry, no.

Microsoft uses a proprietary file format for MS Word. We can only use the feature of OS X that captures text of Word files.

But that capture is one-way and one-time only, from the Finder to the database.

So changes made in the database to rich text captures from Word files do not affect the original Word file, nor do changes made to the original Word file affect the previously captured content in the database.

You may wish to consider Indexing Word files. You cannot edit the text captured in your database, but it you press Launch Path the externally linked Word file will open under MS Word. Any changes made and saved will be visible in your database the next time that document is opened in your database.

So indexing Word files does provide for synchronization from the externally linked Word file to the database content.

That’s great. Indexing is all I need.