Updating Indexed Files

I’ve recently started employing the “Index…” option to incorporate the content of files I prefer to keep external to DEVONthink, but I’ve run up against a bit of a wall with it.  After I’ve indexed the file once, the content is nicely viewable/searchable in DT, but if I modify that file at some point, the new content does not update in DT.  I can view the changes in DT, but none of the content I’ve added since the original indexing is searchable.  The only way I can find to update that content in the index is to RE-index the file and delete the original icon in DT.  This is a bit of a pain.

Is there an easier way that I haven’t found?


No easier way until the "Synchronize" command will be implemented - maybe a simplified version only importing/indexing updated files again will arrive sooner and updating of external files (e.g. by writing contents modified within DT back to the filesystem) or adding new files will come later as probably most people are currently interested in the first possibility.

Ah, I had a feeling that phantom “Synchronize…” menu would play in the answer  ;). Fortunately I don’t have too many instances where this limitation applies.  I think DT is best suited to storing static docs anyway, except those which are created and manipulated within DT itself.  

Thanks for the reply.

The current build now features a simple "Synchronize" command (importing/indexing updated external files again, creating thumbnails if necessary, copying image data into the database again if the data has been copied before etc.). And the full command (writing data back to the filesystem too) will be added to v1.9.x (as the next release will now definitely be v1.9).

In addition, there’s now a “Log” panel available listing which files can’t be read while indexing/importing, which file formats are not supported, which files are updated while synchronizing and which PDF documents contain no text.

Finally, using these additions DT 1.9 will be a real alternative to Finder indexing (as it’s easy and very fast to update an index and the index contains all words and all numbers and is case sensitive).

I look forward to the new sync options, especially since I discovered how to edit files which are indexed in DT with AlphaX (for LaTeX). It simply never occurred to me that this option gives me the best of two worlds.

I keep the power of AlphaX or Alphatk, while I can store all relevant info in DT and have a good overview too (of a monograph which now exists in the form of loose fragments).

When the pro version is released, I will keep this project in a separate database.

I hope you Devons enjoyed your holiday!
atb - smolk

We’ve enjoyed the holidays of course ;D Found a new appartment too and  beginning to prepare to relocate to a different country this summer - lots of work but very motivating on the other hand :wink: