Updating problems with Smart Folders

I am using DT as a repository for information related to my business and personal interests. Lately, I have been toying with the idea of using it as a glorified to do list ala Getting Things Done, but prioritizing certain items. I currently use “Now-Up-To-Date” for this purpose. I’ve spent quite a bit of time looking in the docs and example db for info on creating smart groups and in particular, using tags in the comments fields. As I’ve mentioned in a couple other posts, I found the documentation to be sparse in this area, so turned to the boards. In so doing, I found Christian’s “Comments” script:

devon-technologies.com/phpBB … ght=#13171

I added his script to DT’s 'Smart Folders" folder in Application Support. The script seemed to be working but then I ran into a glitch. When I deleted or changed the tag in the comment field and then clicked on the smart group containing it’s replicant, the smart group would not update and still contained the replicant even though I had deleted or altered the tag.

Apparently, there was just some kind of computer glitch, because when I tried this on another computer, it worked fine. I went back to my powerbook, restarted, created a new smart group, and it updated just fine when I made changes.

I am concerned that this may happen frequently and thus, prohibit me from using this system. I am wondering if anyone else has ever had this problem.

Also, I noticed something interesting - if you change the name of the smart group, it will then update to contain replicants with that name. For example, I am using “td” (to do) as one of my comment tags. I created a smart group for “td.” Then, I changed the name to “call.” After clicking out and back to the smart folder, the contents updated to include items with “call” in their comment field.

I would appreciate any and all comments regarding smart group updating problems. I’m hoping it was just a computer glitch and won’t happen again.

Karen :slight_smile:

Hmmm…I’m still having problems with smart groups and comments. I created a smart group using the comment script I mentioned in my previous post. I created a smart group called “a” for “action.” I had an rtf file with “a” in the comment field. As was to be expected, it appeared as a replicant in the Smart Group named “a.” After I completed the action, I deleted the “a” from the comment field and clicked on the “a” Smart Folder. However, the smart folder did not update - the replicant was still there, even though I had deleted the “a” from the comment field. The script was not updating. So I quit and restarted DT. The item was still in the smart group.

I’d really appreciate it if someone could help me out with this. Am I doing something wrong, or are smart groups just quirky? I really would like to use them to set up my organizational prioritizing system both for myself and my administrative assistant.

Thanks in advance!

Karen :slight_smile:

That’s intended as the name is the string to look for.

That’s a bug of V1.1.x and happens only if the updated group wouldn’t contain items anymore. V1.1.2 will fix this.

I wrote:

Christian wrote:

Oh, I guess I should have looked at the script! javascript:emoticon(‘:oops:’)

Thank you, Christian, for clarifying that! Now that I understand why, I’ll just work around it. I’m really seeing the power of using comments and smart groups!

Karen :slight_smile: