Updating shown Links / Existing Links not shown


As I am experimenting with DT as my PKM for notes (and quite like it and think it could possibly replace Bear) I noticed something I would wish to solve:

  • I take my notes in md format and save them in a specific notes database
  • In the same notes database is a group called “Attachments” were all pictures for the notes are located. I put these via drag and drop into the md files. I hope this is the correct way?

I sync my databases to 3 Macs and 2 iOS devices. Now I noticed that on one Mac all pictures in “Attachments” show the “link” symbol behind the name of the file, but on the two other machines the symbol is mostly missing But the image is correctly shown in the markdown file. If I go to the Inspector view into the “Link” section of an image, on these machines there is no link shown either…

Am I doing something wrong with inserting the pictures by drag and drop? Or do I have to update the Links somehow?

Thanks for your help.

A screenshot showing the differences on the various Macs would be useful, thanks.

Thanks for your fast response, I really appreciate this!

I noticed that if I “relink” the images by dropping them again into the md note document, the link symbol appears on the other machine, too.



Do you use the same version of DEVONthink on both Macs?

Of course I do.

All have 3.6.1 installed, all databases are synced

I noticed something in addition.
If I let the in- and outgoing links be shown in the view, there are no documented. But as you can see in the screenshot there is an link to another document were the image is inserted.

Could you please post the source of such a document? Then I could try to reproduce this and check whether it’s a bug.

Would it be possible the send these per mail? I have prepared two folders with corresponding documents and screenshots from two Macs.

Sure. Just send them to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com.


Sorry, but you usual address is devontechnologies.com. Isn’t it?

Both addresses work.


Hello @cgrunenberg

Sadly this problem still occurs. I am using 3 installations of DT, all V 3.72. All machines are in sync. But the machines are not showing the same links for the files. I attached two screenshots to show this.

The highlighted document, a picture, is part of a md note. So there should be a link displayed, showing the existing link to this md file. Machine 1 shows everything in the right way, but Machine 2 misses the existing link.

Can I manually update the links somehow? And what is the cause of this?


What about the file with the outgoing link?

Hey Jim!

On machine 2 (with the missing link) the file is shown correct in the md-note. The same on machine 1, but here the link is shown with the picture.


Links to images don’t show in the Document > Links inspector, even if they’re using an item link for the URL.

Yes, I know. But the link is supposed to be shown here, or isn’t it?

Which works on 1 machine, but not on the other. Both are synced about a second ago… And this is only one example. There are other links not shown with other files.

The property icon should not show for image links. In fact, it won’t show for WikiLinks either. It only shows if there are item links in the document, again excluding image links.

Hello Jim!

Thanks for your fast responses, but it is weekend isn’t it :wink:

All other files in the screenshot are images and they show the links.
And: If I open the note where the “unlinked” image is inside and simply ad one character or even an empty space, the link updates and is shown with the image.

This is Machine 2 after adding an empty space in the md note and saving it!

Yes it is the weekend.
And I’ll take time for dinner now. :slight_smile:

Hope your dinner was nice :wink:

Am I doing something wrong or misunderstanding things with the links? Then I would be grateful to know.

If not, is there something can do to prevent this @cgrunenberg ?
In our last contact concerning this you told me I can only rebuild the database to renew the links and that I should tell you if this problem occurs again.

Have a nice day!