Updating the database

I am a newbie at DevonThink and hope this has not already been answered.

I have created a database for evaluation of the product but can not find a way of getting the database to add new files that I want to have added.

I have a directory of files which I have imported into Think. Now, if I add a new document to the directory, how can I get this new document reflected in the Think database? Is there an automatic way or do I have to remember what I’ve added and manually import them into the Think database?


I may be speaking out of turn but I think that the "pro" version of DT will allow for automatic updates such as this.

You might achieve the same results with an applescript.

Have you considered creating your database directly in DT? (Again, IIRC the "pro version" will have the ability to create "forms" if needed).

You might also create an alias to your database or files and import that/those into DT. Not sure if that will function as desired and I’m not at my Mac at the moment.

DT 1.9 will finally provide the synchronize command for semi-automatic updates. In the meantime, DT 1.8.1 will add a few improvements for those using DT as an indexing application (and there are many users doing this or trying to do this). Coming next week.