Upgrade and account query

I’ve had a licence for DEVONthink since at least September 2009, and I don’t believe I have ever had an account with Devontech. I can’t find a username or password in my password manager, nor in my emails. Have accounts always existed, or are they something new? And how do I go about upgrading to 3? Thanks.

DEVONtechnologies customer accounts are new.


If you have purchased your DT2 directly form us, you already have a user account. That user account is tied to the email address you used for purchasing. If you purchased the program from a third party, you do not have an account with us.

You can buy an upgrade from the older version in two ways, from inside the application or from your customer account.

From Inside the Application

If you have DEVONthink 2 installed on your Mac and registered, you can upgrade directly from the application. This is also what you’ll need to do when you purchased your license in a third-party promotion (so we don’t have your data in our system):

  1. Open version 2.
  2. Make sure you’ve entered the license code.
  3. Close it.
  4. Install DEVONthink 3 and open it.
  5. Choose DEVONthink 3 > Purchase License or Upgrade .

From Your Customer Account

Alternatively, or when you have already deinstalled version 2 for whatever reason, you can upgrade from your customer account by logging in, clicking the license you want to upgrade, and choosing your upgrade.

@hvolkmann Hi – thanks for the additional information. I purchased from you, but using an email address I no longer have. I’ll have to email support.

Incidentally, trying to upgrade from inside the application doesn’t work for me. The menu choice is simply “Purchase” (upgrade is not mentioned) and it takes me to the standard DT product page.

Thanks – looks like I’ll have to email sales or support as I don’t have the email address I used to purchase originally.

Yes, please contact me via our ticket system, I can update your email address in our customer database.