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A DTP2 user since 2009 I’ve been waiting and hoping for the 3 pane view to be restored to DTP3. But today DTP2 to is crashing and won’t work for my daily use.
So looking at the upgrade page what is the difference between DevonThink @ $49. and DevonThinkPro 3 @ $149? Does the former really exist? BTW the link to the store isn’t working on my FFox browser.

What do you mean by ”does it really exist”?

Was confused btwn the 2 as the comparison page btwn DTP and DTPNet does not include DT3. Hence when viewing my upgrade choices which does show the three I had the impression that DT3 and DTP were the same. Obviously they are not. But thanks for the prompt response. I purchased the desired upgrade.

You’re welcome and glad to have you on board! :slight_smile:

FYI (or for anybody coming this way)


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