Upgrade Database from DevonNote to DevonThink Pro


recently I was fed up with DTPro just being able to open one DB at a time, all workarounds are a mess and waiting for 2.0 seems still far away…

Now I thought to test DevonNote as an additional DB for minor tasks, but after 3 days I gave it up. Now, how can I get the data I already collected and organized into another DTPro database?


Hi, Maria:

In the Finder, create a target folder to receive exports from DEVONnote.

In DEVONnote, select the groups/documents that you wish to export and select File > Export > Files & Folders. Choose the target folder as the destination.

In DT Pro, select File > Import > Files & Folders. Select the content of the target folder.

That should do it. :slight_smile:


you know everything. So, can you tell me why I just did not find the Export command? :laughing: :blush:

Thanks for help, as always!