Upgrade (from DtPersonal to DtPro) how best to proceed

Having used DtPersonal edition for several years I have finally decided to upgrade to the Pro version. All has gone smoothly thus far (installation, licensing etc.) but I’m not really sure how best to proceed next.

What exactly should I be doing to ensure that my Dt information is correctly imported into the Pro version?
Looking in Application Support I can see my original DEVONthink2 directory in addition to the newer DEVONthink Pro 2.
Does my data get imported into the new database?
Do I need to uninstall the original DtPersonal application, which is currently able to run beside the new DtPro?
etc. etc…

Lots of ignorant questions … I’m hoping that there might be a ‘how to upgrade’ primer either in these forums or elsewhere, and would be very grateful for some pointers or links to the appropriate information.

I suspect this may have come up before, in which case I’ll apologise profoundly for any repetition.

It’s all good… I just had to answer this with someone else a few days ago. Glad I had it handy. The easiest way i [/i]to get your Personal Inbox into Pro / Pro Office (where it will be treated as another database since DTP/DTPO have their own Inbox)

  1. In DEVONthink Personal, select File > Export > Database Archive. This creates a ZIPPED version of the database.
  2. In the Finder, locate the ZIP and double-click it to decompress it. You can now delete the ZIP file.
  3. Add .dtBase2 to the end of the name of the decompressed folder (telling it to add the extension when it warns you).
  4. Optionally you can relocate this database to a more appropriate location or just double-click it to open it in DEVONthink Pro Office.


PS: You’re going to want to remove DEVONthink Personal (just deleting the application from the Applications folder should be sufficient) afterwards to keep things straight.

This seems to have worked OK, although I could get an archive from within the program; I kept getting a validation error. No problem I did a manual zip, then followed your instructions, and all seems OK with the (original) database inside DtPro.

I have created a new folder for DtPro databases inside my home dir; is this good practice? I need to get my head around the way DtPro works compared to DtPersonal. The former kept a single database in the Application Support, am I correct in assuming that DtPro can store databases in any location e.g. home dir, or other subfolder

Looking in Application Support I now have the following
DEVONthink 2
DEVONthink Personal Sorter
DEVONthink Pro 2
DEVONthink Sorter

I’m guessing that the first two can now go, but I’m not clear whats happening with Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2. Is that a default dir for new databases? Can I move these or do they need to remain within Application Support?
I’m keen to get the sync facility working and I’d like to optimise DtPro set up before attempting to synchronise different Mac’s

Thank you for your help & advice.

“DEVONthink Pro 2” and “DEVONthink Sorter” are the default folders in Application Support for DEVONthink Pro. You can delete the other folders, or zip them and put them aside.

I advise putting your databases into ~/Documents. I have a folder for this: ~/Documents/DEVONthink Databases. You could use multiple folders, though I don’t think there’s much point in doing that with databases.

For myself, I don’t like putting personal data into Application Support, and I don’t like apps that do that to my machine. I always unwind those setups if I can. IMO, data belongs in data folders accessible to users, and configuration materials belong in the Library.