Upgrade from DTPO@ to DTP3 AND move to new computer


I’m moving from an old iMac on Mojave running DTPO 2 to a new iMac running Catalina. I want to put DTP 3 on it. I am set up for iCloud syncing on the old computer, currently using sync to keep a laptop and DTTG on iPad up to date.

What is the best step-by-step process to use to get my DTPO 2 databases over to the new computer in DTP 3? I searched through the Take Control book and the Devon web site and couldn’t find a pointer to this information.

Thank you in advance for your help.

I believe it’s as simple as;

  • turning off your old iMac’s network connection
  • copying your databases to an external hdd
  • copying databases to the new iMac’s Database folder
  • open databases
  • establish sync
  • done

Worst case scenario you will have two copies of your original databases to recover from. Might not hurt to wait for someone else to chime in and confirm though.

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So I hope I’m doing it right:
I did a final sync from the “master” Mac running DTPO 2
I turned off syncing on my Macs using DTPO 2.
I turned on syncing on the new iMac with DTP 3
In DTP3, I’m selecting each remote database 1 by 1 and allowing them to be downloaded to ~/Databases
Seems to be working. If there’s a red flag, let me know. I have a good backup and can revert to that if needed.