Upgrade From Mojave to Big Sur Database Issues

I upgraded last week and tried opening databases today. In one case I was told that the database was an old format and so I okayed updating. That data base is accessible. But the original data base has 2.77 GB of data. I have made several copies and they all have 30MB or less data according to Get Info.

The remaining databases are not opening and I do not get the same offer to update them. I do not sync the databases. I have backups of the databases.

At this point I could use some advice. . .

OS 11.6
DT 3.8

Which version did you actually use before updating and what’s the file extension of the databases?

DT 3.8 prior to and after updating.

All the databases have the .dtBase2 extension except for one which shows .dtBase.

When I use Get Info on the DEVONthink Databases folder it shows 5.12GB, so apparently all of my data is intact.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

Sorry. . . I hit the wrong button denying access for sending a ticket request via DT3. And I cannot find anything relevant under the Privacy and Security preference pane to reset it. (Mail isn’t my default email client and for some reason it came up when I clicked “Report Bug.”)

It’s been one thing after the other lately since upgrading to Big Sur. . . LOL

No worries and you’re not alone. OS upgrades often present unusual challenges a delete and reinstall don’t.

You can merely start a support ticket and we can go from there.