Upgrade license?

I was just reading about your  DevonThink PE and the next version (standard edition) and your showing 44.95 for the PE, and " the price difference plus a moderate handling fee" for the SE.  Wouldn’t you want to offer some kind of discount to those who are early adapting your product?

I would like to get the SE when it comes out, but I might as well wait given that the PE + SE + “handling fee” will be greater than just getting the SE… plus there’s no ‘credit’ for being an early adopter of your product and working through the bugs, nuances, and lack of features…

How many versions is the purchase good for, also?  If I register at 1.5.2 (PE) how many future versions are included in my purchase price?

We have already published the upgrade pricing on the website. There will be no handling fee, we’ll only charge the price difference (US$ 40). So, it’s no disadvantage to register now and upgrade later.

If you register today, at least all upgrades for DEVONthink PE 1.x are included – We have no plans to charge for updates in the very near future.

If I buy PE at the special April price ($30) will I still be able to upgrade to SE for $40?


Yes. No matter how much one has paid for the Personal Edition, the upgrade will be the same.

Your web site is a little confusing as to PE and SE. I spent some time fishing around for Standard, but as it turns out it’s not released. It might be a good idea to be clearer about what is currently available and what’s being developed.

I’m not a typical user, by the way. I wound up buying DEVONthink by accidentally clicking a bundle option at Kagi for either TextLightning or BookLightning and decided what the heck…I might as well play around with this and see if it’ll be worth upgrading.

Pity…I paid the original ful price…

Me too. But I thought it was worth the value then and do now (with 1.7) even more!

I am not complaining, it is a great app, and I already owned StickyBrain, iData, NoteBook was added later, but this is the only one that is always open and has a set of Quickeys macros associated with it. But every Euro is nice, of course! (but that is also true for DEVONtechnologies :wink: )