Upgrade / open db dt2 to dt3

Hi. Can’t find info on how to open a dt2 db on dt3? I’m using a dropbox sync. The db is sitting under dropbox/apps/DEVONthink Packet Sync/[dbname].dtCloud
When I try to ‘open’ the db, it’s grayed out in the dialogue box.
If I try to ‘sync’ in preferences, my db store shows up, but not my three actual databases.

edit When I drag the db store over the DT3 icon, it opens, but only with the Inbox, not my three databases.

This is not your database, it’s the Dropbox sync store (containing one or multiple syncstores). Your databases have an extension of *.dtBase2 and might be located in ~/Databases in your home directory. Or use Spotlight to locate them.

In the Dropbox.app it’s actually recommended to exclude ~/Dropbox/apps/DEVONthink Packet Sync from its sync as a local copy isn’t necessary and only slows down DEVONthink’s own Dropbox sync.

Hi. Thanks for the quick response. Funny, but I figured it out about a minute before I saw your reply :wink: Now I have to be careful of one thing… I’m traveling. I upgraded the laptop to DT3. When I get home, I assume that my main station dbs will simply be overwritten by the ones I just loaded into DT3?

Anyway, for now, time to explore… (and debug :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: with love and affection, of course).

If the databases are synchronized on both computers via the same sync location, then the latest changes are applied. You could e.g. use a different sync location on your notebook or disable the sync on the main Mac.