Upgrade Path from DevonThink Pro 3.0 to DevonThink Server 3.0?

I’m considering purchasing an upgrade to DevonThink Pro 3.0 from my current DevonThink Pro Office license. I haven’t found any information on whether I can subsequently upgrade to Server 3.0 as an upgrade. Is there an upgrade path or is it only available as a completely new license at that point.


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I asked this question via email - I was told that you can buy the pro edition of DT 3 and later upgrade to the Server edition for the difference in price. So you’re not locked in to your original purchase, and there’s no premium for the later upgrade.

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From what I understand, u can first upgrade from DTPO to DT3Pro and later to DT3Server or directly from DTPO to DT3Server. The total upgrade costs will be the same.
If you don’t need server, DTPO to DT3Pro is the most cost efficient upgrade. If u really need Server, that’s a pricer upgrade (at least for individual user) coz the new Server version is intended for business users who need to share databases among many users.
Whether DT3Server is pricy or not is a matter of perspective. From individual user point, it high for a personal s/w. From company/group point with many users, it’s good value.

Quite a few users, including me, are wishing DT to consider creating a license somewhere in between, that allows individual user to purchase additional seat for web-server access. Hope that can be coming…

Thank you both “ThatGuy” and “ngan”. That makes it much more clear and reduces the risk of the initial decision for this upgrade considerably. It would help if DT would outline that on their upgrade info page for users but I have what I need now. Thanks again.