Upgrade Personal DB v1 to Pro DB v2


I’ve been using DT Personal for a couple of years. I have now installed (on the same machine) DT Pro Office v2.

How do I open/import my old DT Personal v1 DB in DT Pro Office v2?


Excerpt from the User Documentation for DTPO2 (available via a link on the Download page):

When you are upgrading from DEVONthink Personal to DEVONthink
Professional, the application will copy your existing DEVONthink
Personal database to your documents folder
(‘~/Documents/DEVONthink.dtBase2’) and modify all paths, URLs and
internal aliases accordingly if necessary.

If by any chance it doesn’t do this automatically, do the following: Copy
the complete folder ‘~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink’ to your
Desktop. Then, rename it to ‘DEVONthink.dtBase2’ (mind upper/lower
case). The folder icon should change into a DEVONthink Pro database
icon that you can double-click. (Beginning with pb3, the suffix is no longer case-sensitive, so “.dtbase2” will also work.)

Note: It’s definitely not recommended to install both
DEVONthink Personal and Professional on the same machine.
For example, both applications use the same Services menu
shortcuts and Mac OS X would assign the shortcuts sometimes
to DEVONthink Personal, sometimes to Professional. In
addition, DEVONagent stores contents in DEVONthink
Professional if it’s available, otherwise in DEVONthink

Unfortunately, it didn’t work.

Firstly, the automatic copy/rename/update upon installation did not happen.

I performed the manual copy/rename, as per the instructions, but when I open DEVONthink.dtBase2 it shows up as an empty database in DT2.

Please note that the Personal database was created using version 1.9.16 (not version 2). I don’t know whether or not this has anything to do with it.

Please help.


It might be worthwhile to download the DT Personal 2 beta, update your database(s), and then try updating them with DT Pro 2.

Thanks. That did the trick.