Upgrade to Beta?

I’m not sure which subforum this belongs in.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a “check for update” telling me that a Beta is available as an update. I can understand that with an upgrade to Office, but a bit disconcerted when it applies to an existing product I own.

Is the DEVONthink Pro Beta stable enough to qualify as a “no brainer” update? Or should I take greater caution or even wait for a final revision?

As with most users of DEVONthink Pro, my database is precious to me. Backing it up is a normal precaution, but I don’t want to potentially lose new entries either.

I DT Pro 1.3 beta2 won’t hurt your databases. I’m using it

Of course, it’s a good idea to run Backup Archive before any upgrade, as well as to run periodic OS X and disk directory maintenance.

I feel the same as you about my databases, and consider them much more valuable than the cost of the computers that host them.

Thank you! If you’re using it, it must be OK. I’ve read your posts about your database, so I know we both feel the same way. Isn’t it amazing how attached one becomes to DEVONthink Pro? It’s taking the place of my memory - I’ll be backfilling it with images of paper documents (of course I’ll be upgrading to Office) and even the handwritten notes I’ve taken in steno pads and Daytimers over the years.

The challenge, now that it contains 7 years worth of data from my old Psion PDA, is how to organize it for better search results. Everything has been organized by date until now, with a hodgepodge of subject matter within each rtf document. I’d like to automate splitting out the content so it can be classified (see my other posts).