Upgrade to full Core support for OCR?

I’ve tested DEVONthink and i liked it very much.
But for me the 1 Core OCR limit is a dealbreaker.
Scanning about 250 Pages a day and having OCR running only on 1 of my 8 CPU cores does not provide me a nice workflow.

I’m not sure why this limit is in place (1 core limit? c’mon we’re almost in 2013 even mobile phones have dual core!) but are you planing to - at least - bring a payable upgrade option to use all cores for OCR?


This has been a licensing issue with the firm from whom we license the OCR software. We would like to update OCR to multiple core operation when we can get acceptable license terms.

Please keep in mind that at least I would pay an extra fee for this multi-core-support.


I would cheerfully pay more for multicore OCR.

As I’ve posted before, I would too. But I think Bill said that currently they would treat an additional core as equivalent to an entire instance of the engine, which would mean the cost for four cores would be crazy expensive (let alone if you wanted to use hyper threading for 8). Hopefully eventually the OCR vendor will come down on pricing.

If I purchase ABBYY Express, the standalone OCR product for the Mac, will that allow OCR in Devonthink Pro Office to run on more cores?

I’m using the ScanSnap scanner models 1300 and 1500 for sheeted scanning documents. If I do OCR with their software, does that get Round the one core limitation?


ABBYY FineReader 11 Professional Edition would be around $100 and would support all cores.
The question would be how to integrate this into DEVONthink or at least in the ScanSnap Software (which actually does also 1 core OCR)

I came across this thread as I was trying to figure out why OCR is so slow on my dual core i5 2.6 GHz iMac. At current speeds, my machine OCRs about 20-30 pages per hour. That’s pretty slow.

If the ABBYY engine bundled with DTPO runs on only one core, does that mean a faster processor (e.g. quad-core i7) won’t make much of a difference in speed?

As a lawyer I bought Devonthink Pro Office to manage large PDFs of case files (normally thousands or tens of thousands of pages. I love the OCR option to make PDFs searchable, but the speed is a real issue. Is there any prospect of a speed boost?