Upgraded from Personal to Pro Office. Some problems


I recently update from DTP to DTPO. One key reason for upgrading was to be able to scan direct fro my ScanSnap 1300 to the DTPO Global Inbox. The problems I have are:

  1. DTP is still on my computer. I rather assumed that upon installing DTPO the previous version would be removed in some way. How do I remove DTP in an effective way?

  2. At the time of loading DTPO, I noted a dialogue box asking if I wanted the ScanSnap to scan straight to the DTPO global inbox. I cliked that this is what I wanted, including clicking to the button to have the loading process shut down the ScanSnap manager that was running at the time. However, the ScanSnap does not load to the global inbox. How can I fix this?


Just move the DEVONthink Pro application to the trash and empty it. But don’t remove anything else as DTPO and DTP use the same databases, preferences and add-ons.

Removing the DEVONthink Pro application might also fix the ScanSnap issue.