Upgraded to dtBase2--now what do I do with .dtBase version?

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I upgraded to 2.0 and imported (if that’s the proper word) my one DT Pro Office database. DT asked if I wanted to use the new version; I said yes. All went well. Now, I have two versions of the database–TB Book.dtBase and TB Book.dtBase2. What do I do? Throw away the older version? I of course only want to work on one.

Thanks and please let me know if my question is not clear.

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The .dtBase is the original database tied to the previous version of DevonThink. It would be wise to just keep it (in fact, keep multiple copies, for redundancy) as the new version of DT is, in fact, a beta.

I’ve kept mine (multiple copies in two separate locations).


Thanks for the speedy reply. I wonder what others think: Because this is the beta version is it a good idea to do my work in the 2.0 version or should I (or anyone) keep working in the older version and then play around with 2.0? I imagine I am like others in that I do not want to maintain two different versions of the same database?

Is 2.0 reliable enough, in other words, to make the switch? I am happy using the older one until…

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You raise a valid question, especially with what one reads about beta versions on the net (for software in general). I’m actually a bit more trusting of DT that perhaps other software, if only because we’ve read about how extensive the in-house and then private beta tests have been. I use DTPO all day almost every day, for writing, organising, etc. and I’m not particularly worried that it’s beta. I would say it’s a pretty advanced beta.

As you say, however, others’ opinions on this would be welcomed.

Again, thanks–your confidence increases mine. I’ll be away from my database (and computer) for a bit and so can watch this thread and see what develops. I’m eager to use the new version!

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Bill DeVille has provided a detailed response regarding whether to have both versions of DTP installed, how to navigate between the two if needed, and the stability of the 2.0 beta.

These issues have been discussed in numerous threads in this forum. Bill’s response, valuable as always, is worth a review. You can read it here:

Re: Coexist? DTP 1.5 & DTP 2 beta
by Bill_DeVille on Thu Dec 18, 2008 7:00 pm

Thank you Bill!